As this was my first PCC Away Day (10th June 2023), I was not sure what to expect, I arrived early to attend the introduction segment to find out more about what I will be doing as a part of the PCC and found it very informative. This gave a good basis for the remainder of day which we spent in prayer with each other and discussing the 3 essential items and 3 priorities for St Mary’s as a whole. The essentials were ‘Dependent Prayer’, ‘Biblical Teaching’ and ‘Loving One Another’, the 3 priorities being ‘Engaging Maidenhead with the Gospel of Jesus’, ‘Growing mature disciples of Jesus of all ages and backgrounds’ and ‘Partnering with other Churches to make Jesus better known’.

We split into two groups and discussed these items keeping in mind what St Mary’s can do to forward these in a biblical and God-fearing way. Jon Drake was in attendance and found most if not all the feedback re-assuring and very helpful.

It was a good day of fellowship, worship and prayer and I understand why these days are so important for the church as a whole and helpful to everyone involved