The Student Time Away was a brilliant couple of days at The Pines in early September, and a nice introduction to the more daunting first weeks to come at university. We were given a budget and were tasked with navigating our way through the local Tesco, then we collaboratively cooked a Thai green curry, which was surprisingly good!

Melinda led our discussions in learning how to continue living through our Christian faith at university, what to expect and what to look out for when trying to find a new church. It reminded me that even though circumstances change, we can have faith that God is unchanging, and he will be with us the whole way. It was also reassuring to have Amy, a second-year student, talk about her first-hand experience at university, as well as about Christian Unions and just general advice about student life. Overall, the time away was a lot of fun, spending time together watching films or playing games over cups of tea, as well as bonding over our worries and excitements of what was coming.