Welcome to St Mary’s Maidenhead

We are a town centre church in the heart of Maidenhead. Our passion is Jesus Christ, and whether you know him well or have lots of questions, we would love to keep introducing you to him. 

Wed 8th Feb 2023

Jon Drake's Institution, Induction and Installation (Linsley Green)

The first of February marked a significant milestone in our church family - formally welcoming Jon ... Read more...

Sat 4th Feb 2023

An Issue for Ongoing Prayer (Jon Drake)

I am writing this special blog post to ask us all to please pray for General Synod (like the... Read more...

Tue 24th Jan 2023

Giving to St Mary's (The St Mary's Finance Committee)

Giving to St Mary’s St Mary’s has five services each Sunday packed with Christ-centred teaching ... Read more...

Sun 5th Feb 2023 11:00

The Life of Faith

Hebrews 12:1-13

Sun 5th Feb 2023 18:30

Luke 18:9-14

Sun 29th Jan 2023 11:00

World Focus Sunday

Sun 29th Jan 2023 18:30

In order to do good to all

World Focus Sunday


Women's Time Away for Morning Congregations - 17th-18th March

Please join us for Bible teaching and fun as we study Romans 12 and think through some of the... Read more...

Senior Youth Weekend Away - 3rd-5th March 2023

SYWA is a weekend for our older Young People (those in school years 10-13) who come to Shift, are... Read more...