St Mary's Mission Statement

We are an evangelical Anglican church seeking to encourage each other to love and follow Jesus day by day. We take the Bible as our handbook, containing all we need to know God and to live for him. We believe that by his Spirit, God speaks to us today through his word, the Bible.

Our vision is: to know Jesus and make Jesus known

  • To know Jesus is to know the God who made this universe and everything in it
  • To know Jesus is to be united with God and indwelt by His Holy Spirit
  • To know Jesus is to become the people we were created to be: holy, enjoying a living and loving relationship with our creator

Dependent prayer

Prayer is the chief mark of faith. We express our trust in and dependence on God as we give ourselves to prayer both individually and corporately.

Biblical teaching

All that is needed for faith and godliness is found in the Bible - the trustworthy Word of God. So we give ourselves to both learning from the Bible and passing on its unchanging truths to our generation.

Loving one another

It is by the genuineness of our relationships of love with one another that we demonstrate that we are disciples of Jesus.

Engaging Maidenhead with the gospel of Jesus

It is our responsibility to proclaim the good news about the Lord Jesus in such a way that people have the chance to really engage with Him.

Growing mature disciples of Jesus of all ages and backgrounds

It is our ambition to encourage everyone associated with St Mary's to be a wholehearted disciple of Jesus.

Partnering with other churches to make Jesus better known

We recognise our responsibility to work with other churches for the growth of the gospel in our region, the UK and other parts of the world.