Street Angels

Street Angels Maidenhead is a Christian initiative providing help and support for those who are on the streets of Maidenhead at night, in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What do we do?

Maidenhead’s Street Angels go round the town every Saturday and pay day Friday from 10:30pm until about 2am. Sometimes on a busy night much later!

We carry bottles of water, sugary lollipops, tissues, polythene gloves and wet wipes also a first aid kit and telephones.

We sometimes arrange to get people home, mop up (tears and vomit), give out the water and use the lollipops to open conversations, defuse potentially aggressive situations and to give a sugar hit to the drunk. We ask if we can pray for people in trouble - which is usually accepted.

It works

After four years the crime figures show that violent incidents are down 30% on the nights we are on duty. People wait for us because they want to talk. We are the hands and voice of Jesus on the streets, we witness by being there in our uniforms and just loving anyone who needs help.

Join us

We always need more Angels to join us; all you need is a heart for people and the ability to walk and smile! For more details or to arrange a taster walk with us, contact Viv Lee via the church office.

Find out more

Visit their Facebook page.