The Same-Sex Attracted Support Group

The Same-Sex Attracted Support Group meeting for me is welcoming and a safe place to speak with other people who are feeling the same way as me, and I can be myself and get support from others.

The Same-Sex Attracted Support Group (SSASG) is a St Mary’s church group which exists to support those who are same sex attracted and are wanting to follow Jesus faithfully. The group meets every few months to chat through issues and help one another. It is a great place for fellowship and practical support. SSASG is confidential and no member’s details are known outside of the group.

All Christians struggle with issues of one kind or another, SSASG is simply a safe place where those who are same-sex attracted can be open with others who understand and face similar issues. St Mary’s is a hospital for sinners; it is not a hotel for saints. This is one way we seek to be a supportive family to one another.

If you want to find out more about SSASG or would like to speak to someone about same sex attraction please get in contact with .