Special Events



The Junior Youth Weekend is for all in years 7-9 and will take place from 6th - 8th October. This year we will be going to Oakwood Activity Centre in Wokingham.

Cost: £90 for accommodation, food and activities run by the centre. 

(*We NEVER want money to be the reason people don't come. We have a fund so we are able to offer a reduced rate to anyone and everyone who needs it. If you'd like to apply for the reduced rate, please select that option when booking.)

What is it? Three days of fun, food and some great teaching from the Bible. We head to a centre just outside Chepstow, right on the border between England and Wales; it is a lovely site which is warm and comfortable.

Fun: We do all sorts of activities - some energetic and noisy and others quiet and calm. There will also be free time to hang out or plays games together.

Food: Is very important. We always have loads and it is amazing.

Bible Teaching: Each year we spend a few sessions listening to a talk from the Bible and then discussing what we're learning in small groups. There will also be plenty of time for young people to chat to leaders. We'll sing, we'll pray. But it will all be done in a fun and engaging way.

Got questions? Talk to , our Youth Minister.

Want to book? Bookings closed


From summer camps to weekends away, we love going away together at St Mary’s! We Also enjoy a good social now and then so look below for details of forthcoming events...

Our Junior Youth Weekend Away is for the youth who attend Pathfinders or X Focus. We spend a weekend at a beautiful site in Wokingham and have fun taking part in organised games and craft as well as free time to play some sporty or quiet games. We spend plenty of time looking at the Bible in three teaching slots where interruptions for questions are welcome.

imageIt is generally a full-on fun weekend where friendships are formed and the leaders get to spend quality time with the youngsters. The Weekend Away is also designed to be a time where the youth have that little bit of extra space to think about their own faith and we pray that it is a significant time of growth in the young people's lives. 

SYWA is basically a normal Shift Focus session, except it lasts all weekend! We meet on the Friday night at the lovely Oakwood Activity Centre in Wokingham and then we spend the rest of the weekend having a great time and hanging out with mates. There is ample space both inside and outside to play games and do activities. and we will also spend time learning about God in our normal format of interactive talks from the Bible. We generally have a relaxed weekend, eating food, playing games and enjoying ourselves! 

Spend a week of your summer holiday with your mates, away from your parents. Do loads of great activities and, most importantly, learn loads about Jesus. Summer camps are great holidays and a highlight of the year! We have a number of camps which we actively support at St Mary's and they're all brilliant- so whatever age you are and whatever other commitments you might have during the summer hopefully there will be one that's right for you!

And if the word 'camp' is putting you off don't worry, they're not under canvas. They take place in boarding schools across the country so you'll have a proper bed and a roof over your head!

At St Mary's we want anything to stop people from going on camp if they want to go. As such we have fund available to allow this to happen. For more details about this or anything else related to Summer Camps, please do contact our youth worker.