Special Events for primary school ages

This is the Explorer group (years 5 & 6) annual holiday where we go away for a fun packed week of wide games, bonfire, climbing wall, archery, mountain biking, treasure hunt, trip to the zoo and much more. 

We go during the May half term holiday from Monday to Friday. Do plan to keep those dates free for your children to come!

On 31st October we often hold a Superhero Party in the church hall. This is aimed at children aged 5-10 and gives them a fun alternative to trick-or-treating.

We have a Bible talk which aims to show each child that Jesus is the only true Superhero who can save us. With games, quizzes and a party tea there is lots of fund and most children come dressed up as their favourite superhero. We also make sure they get lots of sweets!

For more details of the event this year do contact [hidden].

As well as regular assemblies in many of our local schools we run special Christmas and Easter events for the children in year 6 from local primary schools.

These last for two hours and through drama, quizzes, games, Bible reading, music and cooking we explain the Biblical message and details of both key Christian celebrations.

For more details or if you are able to help in any way then please contact [hidden].