Sunday groups for pre-schoolers

Our Sunday groups run at 9:15am, 11am and 4pm.  

The children come into the church with their parents and spend about 15 minutes with the whole church family before going to their age appropriate groups. 

Please see the groups below for specific details or contact our Minister i/c Children's work  for more information.

There is a comfortable space in the crèche in the Lower Lounge in Church House for nursing mothers. This provides privacy but allows mothers to still feel part of the service via a live audio and video link.

We provide a caring atmosphere where you can leave your baby during the service or feel free to stay with us and feed or care for your child in a relaxed environment.

We meet in the Lower Lounge at 9:15am, 11am and at 4pm.

Our leaders are  (9:15am), 

We will look after your child for you during the service. We have plenty of toys available and craft activities such as play dough and gluing, for your child to join in with. We read a Bible story to the children each week and tailor a craft activity to the story for them to take home. The children are encouraged to listen to the story but are free to roam and play if it's too much. We offer the children a drink and snack during the session but only do this with prior permission from parents.

We meet in the Parkin Room in the Halls at 9:15am,  and at 11am and 4pm this is a joint group with the Creche in the Lower Lounge.

Our leaders are [hidden] (9:15am), 

We follow a course of books entitled "On The Way" which are continued in the next group up (Climbers). The course takes us through the Bible picking out key stories to give your child an overall view by the time they leave Climbers aged 7.

Each week we combine songs, games and craft with a Bible story, a memory verse and an opportunity to say a short prayer. We aim to have fun in our learning and increase the children's understanding of God with the hope that in time they will develop their own personal faith.

At 9:15am we meet in the Lunt Room in the Halls.

At 11am this is joint group with Climbers and they meet in the Lunt Room in the Halls.

At 4pm this is a joint group with the Scramblers and they meet in the Lower Lounge.

Our leaders are [hidden] (9:15am), Angie McDonald (11am) and [hidden] (4pm)