Men at St Mary's

Helping each other love Christ

We are thankful that we have such a good number of men among us at St. Mary's. Our programme of events for men aims to encourage men in their love for Christ, their obedience to him and their ability to share him with others.

Different events run throughout the year. More events specifically for individual congregations can be found on the 9:15am, 11am, 4pm and 6:30pm congregation pages.  Details of events that we typically hold are in the accordions at the bottom of the page.

Held once a term on a Saturday morning, these are a great combination of a cracking full English breakfast and a stimulating talk from the Bible. They are a great way to start the weekend whether you are already a follower of Jesus, or just enquiring.

Happening throughout the year for the men of each congregation, these provide an opportunity for a dozen men to get away for 48 hours to spend time together studying the Bible, praying, chatting and eating.

A venture which seeks to ‘do what it says on the tin’. These also take place once a term on a Saturday night, and are organised for the men of each congregation. See the congregation pages for more details.

A weekly bible study that meets at 10am each Thursday morning. We are currently working our way through the Gospel of Mark. Contact the church office for more information. 

An opportunity to catch up during the week for fellowship and friendship in an informal setting.