Answering Tough Questions

How do I answer?

In this video, Sam Allberry discusses things to think about when answering tough questions about your faith:


What do I say?

We want to take people’s questions seriously and, where possible, to give an answer. There is a small selection of good resources below which will help with answering some of the questions which people often ask. As you look at them, it is worth thinking about how an answer you might give will point people to the hope you have in Jesus.

Videos – there are a range from the very short to much longer:


Recommended books

  • Amy Orr-Ewing, But is it Real? Answering 10 common objections to the Christian Faith, IVP
  • Barry Cooper & Paul Williams, If You Could Ask God One Question. Answers to the 12 most frequently asked questions about God. Good Book Company, 2017
  • A series of excellent little books on Questions Christians Ask (e.g. Can I really trust the Bible?, Is God anti-gay?, etc.)
  • A series of excellent books called Questioning Faith (e.g. Where is God in all the suffering?, Can Science explain everything?, etc.)

Good ways of following up