Other courses

From time to time we run other courses.

Marriage Refreshment Course

An opportunity for any married couple to refresh their marriages, as we think through God's purposes for marriage. An informal and practical course, which will be beneficial for young and old alike. If you'd be interested in being involved in the next marriage refreshment course contact .

Summer Courses

Over the summer months we often run a summer course.

South Central Ministry Training courses

This excellent course runs in term times one day a week. It provides a thorough introduction to the Bible's teaching, as well teaching many practical ministry skills such as leading Bible studies, pastoring, and giving talks. A good number of folk from St Mary's have taken a day a week out to do 'MTC' over 2 years. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their Christian faith!

For those who can't spare a day a week, there are also a series of evening courses on Bible handling, Truths to live by, and Teaching the Bible.

Information can be found at their website.