Christianity Explored

What is Christianity Explored?

Christianity Explored is an informal course, where in a relaxed setting, there is chance to explore some of  life's big questions, and to find out how Jesus Christ answers them. There is no singing, praying or reading. No question is too simple or too hostile. Christianity Explored is designed for curious sceptics, as well as for those who want a refresher of the Christian faith.


Who is it for?

Christianity Explored is intended for those who have questions about the Christian faith, whether or not they would describe themselves as a Christian.

When does it happen?

A new Christianity Explored course will be running on Zoom for seven weeks starting on Monday 10th May. It will take place between 8pm-9:15pm. Do contact if you would like to join and why not invite a friend to do it with you?

What is the content?

The course is based on Mark's gospel, one of four accounts of Jesus life in the Bible. We encourage people to read this and engage with it as a 'primary source' alongside the course material and raise any questions they may have.

The outline of the course is:

Week 1: Good news: What are we doing here?
Week 2: Identity: Who is Jesus?
Week 3: Sin: Why did Jesus come?
Week 4: Cross: Why did Jesus die?
Week 5: Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?
Week 6: Grace: How can God accept us?
Week 7: Come and die: What does it mean to follow Jesus?

We run one course a term. Please contact the Church Office for more details.

For more information see the Christianity Explored web site.