A Turbulent Priest - Sat 16th November

From the creators of A Monk's Tale and The God Particle comes a new show telling the fascinating story of the Murder of Thomas Becket. With jokes and songs, obviously.

850 years ago Thomas Becket was famously murdered by four knights in Canterbury Cathedral. A Turbulent Priest follows the extraordinary story of Thomas and King Henry II, their bromance, bust-up and betrayals. In short, plenty to sing about.

At heart, the show asks questions about the place of the Church in our society. Does the State have final say over what’s right and wrong? Who rules? Should the Church make a stand and speak out? And are Christians prepared to face the consequences of that stand? Thomas was. And he paid with his head (or at least the top half of it. Ew.)

Saturday 16th November 2019: starts 7:30pm, doors open at 7pm.  To book, Click here