Here are some ideas of how we at St Mary’s can pray for Ukraine.

These requests have come from contacts there:

  • Please pray for the war to end
  • Pray for protection for the people, towns and villages of Ukraine
  • Pray for those who have been displaced
  • Pray for Christians on the front line both inside and outside Ukraine, and especially for believers in the occupied regions, many of whom are on hit lists
  • Pray for the people turning to Christ in this extreme situation and those who lead them
  • Pray for human justice and give thanks that we can be assured of divine justice
  • Pray for and give thanks for the common grace and witness of Christians across boundaries and barriers
  • Pray for those standing firm under oppression
  • Pray for patience, godliness and love for others to be shown by Christians who are exhausted and stressed
  • Pray for the international students, many from Africa and Asia, who have been trapped by the fighting and are experiencing racism and problems at the borders; pray for the teams helping them
  • Pray for pastors in Russia who are standing firm at great personal risk

Some other ideas:

  • For refugees to find shelter and safety and host nations to welcome them
  • For those who have suffered trauma to find helpful listening ears, and to turn to Jesus in their pain
  • For many families who are separated and fear for their loved ones
  • For wisdom for political leaders, that they may desire peace and work towards it