At St Mary's we want to support working people. Two thirds of our adult congregation are engaged in paid work, and many more work in the home or in a voluntary capacity. We spend most of our time at work!

The Bible teaches us that:

  • God made work to be good, but our experience of work is frustrated in a fallen world
  • The purpose of our work is to serve Jesus and bring glory to God, whatever we do
  • For Christians, Jesus restores the dignity and purpose of our work, as we serve others with humility and love, and as we look forward to serving him in the new creation

How can we put all this into practice? Click on the links below to explore.

Four short Bible reflections to help you think through God’s perspective on your working situation, whether you’re in a job, between jobs, or retired from paid employment. Take a look at the separate page.

Personal Support for members of St Mary's facing stress, redundancy or unemployment. For more details, view the CAPS page.

A national organisation that helps Christians establish groups where they work, in the context of diversity legislation. Take a look at their website.

Practical examples of Christians engaging with their workplaces, available on the Transform Work UK website.

A national network support Christians in the workplace. Includes links to lunchtime Bible talks happening in London. Take a look at their website.

In March 2019 we surveyed our congregations about their working lives. Some of the results are on the survey page.

Resource for Christians in the workplace. Take a look at their website.

We run occasional seminars on work topics. Materials from the most recent events are available here.