Work Resources

Who are we?

This material has been compiled by volunteer members of the St. Mary’s church family who have professional experience in Human Resources.

    We have put together the resources below to help provide practical support on a wide range of work related issues. All of the resources have been used to support others with similar issues in the past.

    Whether you have been made redundant, or are facing stress or conflict at work, we hope you find this useful. If you'd like to speak to the team, please contact  or call the Church Office.


    On average, about 75% of people aged between 16-64 are involved in some form of work. So it’s a big part of many of our lives and as a church family. We want to recognise this by supporting our church family in dealing with the wide range of challenges and issues associated with work.

    In addition, 2020/21 has been a particularly exceptional time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly everyone has had to learn to work in a fundamentally different way, and in many cases work has stopped or been halted through the furlough scheme.

    In the sections below you will find advice on:

    • Finding the right job for you
    • Dealing with stress in the workplace
    • Returning to work after a break
    • Being made redundant
    • COVID-19 issues
    • Thinking about retirement

    Being made redundant

    If you have been made redundant and are looking for immediate advice, here are some simple dos and don’ts:


    • remember that this happens to many people so it's not your fault!
    • take advice and check your rights
    • remember that the company has to consult with you so you can discuss why you were selected for redundancy
    • find out what other roles could be available with the company if you want to stay
    • remember that you are allowed to be accompanied by a colleague at redundancy consultation meetings if you want to
    • find out whether the redundancy payment offered to you is negotiable - companies are sometimes willing to pay more than originally offered in order to get your agreement
    • think about whether you want to do a similar role again or something different
    • make sure you have an up to date CV
    • contact your network and continually expand your network (most jobs don't get advertised but are filled by contacts!)
    • get on the internet to look for job opportunities
    • be proactive


    • make decisions on the spur of the moment - take your time to consider what options you have