We love to meet together to pray outside of our Sunday Services. This can be as a larger church family or in smaller groups.

Prayer diary

For those that would call St Mary's their home, we have a daily prayer diary that can be subscribed to, and is delivered by e-mail. To subscribe to the prayer diary, please log in and then follow the instructions that will appear on this page. Paper copies are also available at Sunday services.

St Mary's Evening

Our monthly ‘St Mary’s Evening’ is a priority fixture in our church calendar and we encourage you to be there. It is a chance to meet as a whole church family, to hear the latest announcements and news and then pray for those things in small groups. All are welcome; if you don’t feel comfortable praying ‘out loud’ you don’t have to! The St Mary’s Evening is the second Thursday of each month at 8pm in the church hall.

Prayer Survey

In May 2019, we conducted an anonymous survey in our Sunday congregations about people's prayer lives. Take a look at the results on the separate page.

Friday prayers

The staff team meet each Friday at 8:30am to pray and all are welcome to come along.

Prayer triplets

These are arranged informally but usually are between people who know each other through a Growth Group. The frequency of meeting is up to the individual groups but we encourage this to me on a frequent and regular basis. If you would like to be part of a triplet please speak to Rachel Meynell.

Praying through the Care List

Our staff team meet each week and use the opportunity to pray through the directory of church members.


Why not try the PrayerMate app to help you organise your prayer life? It brings all your prayer points together in one place! Log in to find out how you can subscribe to the St Mary's PrayerMate feed.