Towards the end of this week, we plan to launch our brand-new St Mary’s website.

The new website has a fresh new look and is much simpler to navigate. We hope that the St Mary’s church family will enjoy using it and that it will reflect the kind of church we are for people who search for St Mary’s online. We have focussed on providing all the necessary information without overloading it with excessive details. This will also help us to keep the information up to date and relevant.

You will need to search for it by typing ‘St Mary’s Church Maidenhead’. Once we have gone live with the new website you will no longer be able to access our current website this way.

We have made the process of booking and paying for events a much simpler and straightforward task. You will go to ‘What’s on’ and then ‘Events’ where you will see displayed the event you want to attend. You click on the item, select the number of tickets you want and make the payment.

We also have a private church family section which you can access by pressing the log in button at the bottom of the home page. You will need to enter your name and current passcode the first time you go in. You can reset your passcode from there if you have forgotten it. The church family section includes the care list, now called Directory and there are some helpful resources, details of our mission partners and what to pray for. You will find blog articles which are not on the public website here too. All the excellent features from ChurchBuilder can be found in this section.

We hope you will take a few minutes to look through all the information and that you will enjoy seeing how many people you recognise in the photos!