Special Appeals (Gift Days)

St Mary's schedules two 'Special Appeal' or 'Gift Day' events each year, namely:

  • A Harvest Gift Day, usually in late September
  • A Christmas Gift Day, usually around mid December

The beneficiaries of each Gift Day are chosen by the St Mary's Missionary Strategy Committee and approved by the PCC, and this is communicated by a notice in Contact during the two weeks prior to the appeal.

The preferred way to donate to these appeals is via debit or credit card by visiting our Wonderful.org web-site which also offers the opportunity to Gift Aid your gift online.  Please email us on finance@stmarymaidenhead.org to notify us of the gift and its purpose (e.g. Harvest YYYY or Christmas YYYY).

If you are giving to the St Mary's Regular Giving Scheme (RGS) via internet or telephone banking, then please arrange a one off payment to the usual PCC account (sort code 60-13-35, account number 64261883) using the following references, for example:

  • SURNAME.I/C19 (for Christmas 2019)
  • SURNAME.I/H20 (for Harvest 2020)

Alternatively, gift envelopes will be available in the church welcome area and office for cheque or cash gifts and for making new Gift Aid declarations; please ensure the envelopes are labelled 'Harvest' or 'Christmas', as appropriate.