Resources for families

Below are some suggested activities to do with your children. Each week there will be something to help you teach your children about our Father God and the Lord Jesus. There will be activity sheets and also some things to watch or listen to.

If you would like to do your own simple service with your children then we suggest that you:

  • Watch the Family Focus and join in with the action song
  • Watch Sunday School Online
  • Ask some simple questions
    • What do we learn about God?
    • What do we learn about ourselves?
    • What do I need to do now I know that about God?
  • Pray with your children about what you have discussed
  • Do any appropriate activities

We also have a kids' art and craft gallery where you can view craft that children from our congregations have created. Why not send in yours to ?

For Sun 24th May

  • Sunday School Online!


  • KS1 colouring: Ascension KS1 colouring.docx
  • KS2 colouring: Ascension KS2 Word search.docx
  • Activity: send in photos of you going up something unusual or going up something in a most unusual way, to 
  • Singing is great, so why not check out our St Mary's Kids Spotify playlist which has loads of great songs for kids to enjoy?

General Resources

In one sense they could get a lot out of all of the above but specifically for their age:

Daily live family devotions

Your family in lockdown might need a little help to spend a few minutes in God's word each day. From 20th April, follow Faith In Kids at 8:30am live on Facebook or YouTube as they introduce the passage and kick the discussion off with age appropriate questions for all your family.

Podcasts for Parents and Kids

For families with older kids, Faith In Kids continue to produce weekly kids' podcasts and bi-weekly parents' podcasts. We're tackling the book of Ephesians in the kids' podcasts because this strange season could be transformed if our families saw it in the light of God's universal plan for his precious church.

The Good Book Company

The Good Book Company have made a number of their resources available free of charge. Take a look at the email.


10ofThose are supplying books to encourage, disciple and teach all ages.  They've recently sent an email advertising value book packs, which you can view here.

New City Catechism app

Really helpful questions and answers to go through as a family with prayers and songs to learn answers as well:

Bible Study

The Wonder of Easter by Ed Drew is a fabulous family resource for teaching all the family. It is available from 10ofthose for £5.80. It is an easy-to-use discussion based book which will allow the whole family to celebrate the wonder of Easter.

The 40 discussions have differentiated questions for 3-4s, 5-7s, over 7s, teens and adults. At just 10 minutes each, these Bible studies are an achievable joy, not an unrealistic burden.

There are also 5 Sunday School lessons which use material from the book. These lessons are suitable for children aged 2-11 which can be found here, or via Facebook.

#faithinkidshomechurch  Five lessons from Luke to take you from the triumphal entry to the ascension, work sheets, discussion questions, games and crafts! These were written for Sunday Schools, but we think families will be able to use them.

Download from the website and get cracking - get the kids rehearsing the Bible drama, finding stones to decorate, argue over the songs, limber up for a donkey race... we can smash this!

We will guide you with top tips and a library of creative ideas via our blog,  kids and parents podcasts to support families learning together! The first podcast for parents was made available on Friday 20th March while kids podcasts will be out twice a week from 24th March.

On Sunday 22nd March we will be going live in Ed's home at 2pm to show all parents and kids what home church looks like. No doubt it will be messy and chaotic but we hope that you'll see it's not too daunting to open the Bible with your kids at home. Follow along @Faithinkids on Facebook or Instagram.

This Sunday, take the opportunity to run your own home church using the Faith in Kids Wonder of Easter resources.  If you start this weekend you will be looking at the resurrection on Easter Sunday. As we journey through tough times over the coming weeks, there is no better news to remember than the Wonder of Easter.

For under 3s the Read and Share Bible stories are super at £23. There are 52 three minute stories going from Genesis to Revelation. Use this with the Read and Share Bible.

22nd MarchThe return of the KingLuke 19:30,35-40
29th MarchTake away by the guardsLuke 22:47-54
4th AprilSaved! Just in timeLuke 23:32-34,39-43
12th AprilJesus is alive!Luke 24:36-49
19th AprilHe's gone, we're still happyLuke 24:50-53

For those families who think this is all a bit too much and are looking for something simple and short, we made five studies from The Wonder of Easter book available to download in pdf format from our website.  These are designed to keep your family encouraged as you go through 2-5 small chunks of Bible a week. Each study is doable in just 10 minutes.

Seeds Family Worship

Lots of Bible verses set to songs:

Awesome Cutlery

Really fun albums which will make you smile and teach you Bible truths. Available on Spotify/Apple Music etc.

Colin Buchanan

Since Colin is no longer coming to St Mary’s you can still have your own Colin Buchanan sing along, as all his songs can be found on YouTube.

What’s in the Bible DVDs - a wonderful resource going through the whole Bible in a fun and engaging way for children.

All 13 DVDs from 10ofthose for £110 or individual DVDs at £9.99.

Junior Jivers

We have particular sympathy for families stuck indoors with pre-schoolers. For these families, Faith In Kids are bringing their hugely successful music and movement classes online. They'll put on three sessions a week with three different leaders all teaching the same awesome curriculum. Join the classes on Facebook or YouTube. Timetable to be announced soon!

Michael Tinker - 11am every day

Join Michael for songs, Bible and fun! 11am GMT every day.

Watch live, ask questions or watch later!

You can download the sing-along song sheet for free at

He'll also be reading from the Bible and Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd Jones, so if you have a copy of either, get those out too and follow along.

Faith in Kids - Sundays at 2pm

On Sundays at 2pm, live from Ed's home, showing all parents and kids what home church looks like. No doubt it will be messy and chaotic but hopefully it'll show that it's not too daunting to open the Bible with your kids at home. Follow along @Faithinkids on Facebook or Instagram.

Awesome Cutlery - Thursdays at 4pm

Live streaming from their YouTube channel.

Olly Knight music - 8:30am every day

"Come Sing With Me": live streaming from 8:30am to 9am from Olly's Facebook page.

For Sun 17th May

  • Sunday School Online!


  • Discussion Questions (particularly aimed at 11-14s but could be used with a wider age range)

For Sun 10th May

  • Sunday School Online!


For Sun 3rd May

  • Sunday School Online!


  • Colouring: Doc1.pdf
  • Colouring: Doc2.pdf
  • Family activity: Using Lego, Play-doh or something else, build something you remember about the story from Genesis so far. What does you model teach us about God and us? Take a picture of the model and send it to .
  • Pathfinder Discussion Questions (particularly aimed at 11-14s but could be used with a wider age range)

For Sun 26th April

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  • Song: "Ze baddest sickness in the world" (Colin Buchanan)


For Sun 19th April

This week we have a Family Creation Challenge. See the details below. We would love to receive your photos at of the things that you found and have made.


  • Saddleback Kids video: Creation


  • Song: "Almighty Creator" (Sovereign Grace Kids)


For Sun 12th April - Easter Day


  • Song “Jesus Is Alive” (Kids Ablaze)


  • Song “Christ Arose” (Go Fish)


For Fri 10th April - Good Friday

For Sun 5th April

  • Teaching Resource: The Triumphal Entry (suggested teaching, games, craft and work sheets for those aged 3-11)
  • "Saddleback Kids" video of the passage - The Story of Easter - The Triumphal Entry


  • Song “Jesus Strong and Kind” (CityAlight & Colin Buchanan)


Sun 29th March - to go with Will's sermon on Luke 5:17-26

  • Teaching Resource: The King Forgives (suggested teaching, games, craft and work sheets for those aged 3-11)
  • "God’s Story" video of the passage - Jesus heals a man


  • Song “How cool is that”


Sun 22nd March - to go with Will's sermon on Psalm 46