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Summer Toolbox at St Mary's

How does the Bible fit together? How can I build better Christian friendships? How can I feel close to Jesus? How can I share Jesus in everyday conversations?

On Thursday evenings during the school summer holidays, when our Growth Groups are also on holiday, we will be hosting a series of interactive evenings looking at these questions and more. We have tried to pick topics that are interesting, relevant and different to those we cover in Sunday services. Each evening will be led by a different member of staff and will include Bible teaching and interactive discussion in smaller groups. As well as filling our minds we trust that these Toolbox sessions will be warm times of fellowship and a good chance to meet brothers and sisters from other congregations in our church family. These sessions are for everyone at St Mary’s, please join us for as many as you can!

Thu 23th JulyA Beautiful and Precious Gift – Growing Christian FriendshipRachel Meynell
Thu 30th JulyThe Father of the English Bible – Lessons from the Life of William TyndaleJon Drake
Thu 6th AugGod’s Big Picture – The Whole Bible in One HourRichard Crane
Thu 13th AugSt Mary’s Evening
Thu 20th AugThe Believer’s Intimate Relationship – Understanding Union with ChristIan Miller
Thu 27th AugGossiping the Gospel – How to Share Jesus in Everyday ConversationWill Stileman

The Toolbox Evenings will run on Zoom from 8pm-9pm. To join the evening, click on the following just before 8pm and follow the instructions on your screen:

Resources for Reading the Bible with Children

Children's Bibles (for younger children at the start of the list and for older children at the end)

Bible Reading Guides

Resources on anxiety



  • Running Scared by Ed Welch. Here is a review from a member of the church family: "Ed Welch has a unique chatty style of writing that draws you in, it's as though he is sharing his thoughts with you as he considers the issues of anxiety. God used this book to literally transform my life and help me depend on Him in a whole new way. Ed Welch asks the difficult questions you were thinking but didn't dare ask, then he answers them by giving us a practical way to learn to leave our anxiety with God. I can't recommend this book highly enough!"
  • A Student's Guide to Anxiety by Ed Welch (suitable for teenagers)
  • Living Without Worry by Timothy Lane
  • The God Dependent Life by Joanie Yoder. This is a biography of dealing with intense anxiety that lead to agoraphobia, very easy to read and encouraging.

Daily Bible Reading

Online Services and Videos


Bible-based Christian books are a huge help in growing in our knowledge and love of God. Here are some personal recommendations from a number of people.

  • Rachel recommends Enjoying God by Tim Chester. “This is an extremely helpful book looking at how we can have deep joy in God, whatever is going on in our lives. It points us to the greater things that God is doing in us, and helps us to see beyond the mundane, the struggles and the temptations and glimpse what God is up to as he refines us. A great encouragement any time-but particularly at the moment.”
  • Sara recommends Hudson Taylor a Man in Christ by Roger Steer.  “Family life, medical training, long sea journeys, romance, civil war, riots, illness, sacrifice, travel in China, mission….all prompted by a great love for the Chinese people to know Christ enabled by confidence in the faithfulness of God. A fascinating and inspiring account of the life of Hudson Taylor, one of the spiritual ‘greats’ of the 19th century.”
  • Sara also recommends In Her Words by Patricia St John.  “Not sure I’ve read her children’s books so I’m not sure why I bought this book but I absolutely loved it. An account of her life from boarding school housemother to during the war and then at her brother’s mission hospital in Tangiers and then her own clinic in the mountains of Morocco, relief trips to Middle East and Africa and finally her mission on a housing estate in Coventry. A Godly woman who communicates the forgiving and healing power of God in a very human way.”
  • Tom recommends The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch. “This book really helped me think about the place of technology in my life and home as follower of Jesus. It’s challenging, but not discouraging – presenting principles to put into practice rather than rules to follow. It’s a refreshing book in a world where being glued to technology seems inescapable.”
  • Angela recommends Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. “This Christian novel explores the relationship of Gomer and Hosea using the backdrop of the American Goldrush as a means of understanding the heart of the message.  Francine is really skilled in being historically and biblically accurate along with showing the human responses within the context of God's word.  This beautiful and challenging read gets to the heart of the matter that God loves humanity and will do all he can to bring his sinful adulterous children back to him because with Him is the perfect place for us all.”
  • Jon recommends Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ by John Piper. “I love this book because it is accessible and meaty. It comes in five or six page chapters ideal to read over a cup of tea. Each one is packed with Bible truth to help us see Jesus as he truly is and to love and delight in him more than anything else.”

Real Lives

Take a look at the materials and videos from our Real Lives mission week in February.