Project Connect

Connect is our major church initiative for the next three years. Three projects aim to Grow God's Kingdom by taking the gospel further afield as well as strengthening our existing congregations and improving our facilities in Maidenhead.

  1. Connect through Partnership
  2. Connect with People
  3. Connect on our Premises

We aim to raise £2.2m over three years to fund this work; please consider giving to this work.

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Project Connect update - 30th November 2017

This week the organ installation continued and the glass doors and screens between the welcome area and church were hung. Outside, the wooden cladding for the metal frame of the welcome area was constructed and installed.

On the organ, Matthew O'Donovan writes 'excellent progress has been made this week, in particular with the assembly of the wind system and the installation of the various wind regulators and chest / soundboard modules. Some of the larger pipework is in, or in the church waiting to be put in, though most of the pipework will arrive after the chests etc. are in place, and when there's a bit less dust in the air in church.

The Project Connect photo blog has photos of the work, including the interior of the instrument.

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We have raised £250,000 towards a new building for children's work in the grounds of St. Mary's White Waltham. This is a small village church on the outskirts of Maidenhead with a gospel focus.

Currently three of the Sunday School groups have to meet off site half a mile away up a windy road. This isolates families from the rest of the church and is limiting opportunities for growth.

Construction has now begun and should complete in 2015. Find out more about the project:

Funds from Connect have been used to appoint two extra church workers: 1) Sue Bauhahn as Pastoral Care Co-ordinator and 2) Sam Brewster joined us as our new curate - and with Connect funding we have effectively been able to add one person to the complement of full time bible teaching staff.

We are a growing church and need to be more effective in looking after each other's spiritual and pastoral needs.

We have a prime town-centre site but need to be more visible, accessible and welcoming to visitors. We also need to be good stewards of what God has given us and keep our buildings in good repair.

Repairs and improvements to our site include heating, accessibility, and a larger foyer. We need to raise ca. £1.7 m for the building works.