Oldfield School

We have moved!  From 4th September we are meeting at Oldfield School. Please use the information below to make sure you are prepared for our move.  To find your way to Oldfield School, check out our updated Find Us page.

You can also download this information here.

Service locations and times

  • All our services will be starting at their usual times, 8am, 9:15am, 11am, 4pm and 6:30pm
  • The 8am service will be on the St Mary's site in the Church Hall (Hall or Nash Room); all other services will be at Oldfield School

Access and parking

  • There is plenty of car parking and spaces for bikes too
  • There will be two 'one way' systems in operation:
    • The first is the site entrance and exit: the entrance to the site is the second set of gates (if coming from the Maidenhead to Bray direction)
    • The second is in the 'playground' car park: please turn left on entering the playground and move round in a clockwise direction
  • You will be shown where to park on arrival
  • Spaces will be reserved for parking for those with mobility issues; please follow the directions given
  • Please would everyone arriving early to serve at any of the Oldfield services park in the 'playground' car park

Access to St Mary's Church Site

From Monday 12th September there is no access for cars and pedestrians to the church site from the High Street.

Work to create access to the church site through the chapel on St Mary's Walk has now been completed. Alternatively, there is access through the blue garden gate from Hines Meadow Car Park.

Both entry points will be open during office hours, and manned at the start of clubs and activities.

We have prepared a map showing the pedestrian access points for you to download.

Children playing

  • There is an area in the centre of the school where children can play; please ensure that children do not play in the car parking areas or on any grass area
  • Please do not bring any football or other hard ball
  • Outside of Sunday School, parents or carers are responsible for their children’s behaviour and safety at all times; those serving at each congregation have authority to intervene appropriately if at any time a child’s behaviour is a cause for concern in terms of their safety, the safety of others or with regard to our care of the site
  • No running in the school building

Bibles and chairs

  • 9:15am Congregation: Please collect a Bible on entering the hall and leave on your chair at the end of the service
  • 6:30pm Congregation: After the service, please place your bible on the trolley as you leave; if you are able, please take your chair to the chair trollies and follow instructions given for stacking

Sunday school

  • The children and young people will be released from the service in phases and their leaders will take them to their rooms; the order will be: Pathfinders, Explorers, Climbers, Treasure Seekers and Scramblers
  • Parents or carers of Treasure Seeker or Scrambler children may accompany them to their room if they wish
  • At the end of the service, there will be a phased return of the children to the hall in reverse order
  • The behaviour of children while we are at Oldfield School is of paramount importance; to help ensure we maintain a good level of behaviour in Sunday School each group has a nominated Classroom Supervisor, and if behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable, the child will be brought to the Drop Zone and the parents/carers informed


  • Until further notice, only cold drinks and biscuits will be served after each service
  • If the weather is fine, the refreshments will be served on the decking
  • At all other times they will be served from the rear of the hall
  • Refreshments are to be consumed in the area / room within which they are served; at no time is any food or drink to be taken from that location to any other part of the school

Time together after the service

  • We don’t have the space that we are used to, to spend time together after the service; the decking area will only be available as the weather/time of year permits and there will be limited space in the hall
  • The space between the 9:15am and 11am congregations will be particularly pressured; please do have a think about what you may be able to do with others after the service: Braywick Park and Stafferton Lodge (great breakfast!) are just a short cycle away or perhaps meeting up for a coffee at home or in town


  • In the event of a fire (or other emergency) please leave the building calmly by the available fire exits and assemble at the far side of the ‘playground’ car park
  • Do not go to your car or leave the assembly point until instructed to do so

First Aid

  • Please report any incident requiring first aid to the Congregation Floor Manager on duty for your service. We have use of the First Aid room but only by those authorised. Ensure any incident requiring first aid is recorded in the Accident Book.

Damage to property

  • Please ensure that any damage to any element of the property, whether accidental or otherwise, is immediately reported the Congregation Floor Manager on duty for your service.

Excluded areas

  • Please observe all signage and stay out of the areas indicated ‘grey’ on the building plan opposite
  • Do not pass barriers or enter through closed gates

We still need more help

  • We are hugely grateful for all those who have signed up to serve in many different ways but we still do not have enough people to make our time at Oldfield sustainable for those currently serving. Please do speak to your Congregation Floor Managers to find out how you can help.

Business as usual on the St Mary's site

  • All the St Mary’s weekday actives are continuing as usual. Look out for further information about access when work begins on site.