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Upcoming events

Big Winter Garden Work Party - Sat 4th Nov

No gardening expertise required! Refreshments provided include tea, coffee and bacon butties. Willing volunteers needed for up to two hours to get the garden looking in good order at the end of the season. Do bring garden forks, spades and leaf rakes if you have them and wear suitable shoes and gloves. Please come along at 9:30am for a fun time in the St Mary's garden, with great refreshments.

A Monk's Tale - Sat 11th Nov

Windsor Fellowship are hosting the Edinburgh Fringe success, A Monk's Tale: Relics, Revolt & Reformation. An entertaining hour of sketches and songs celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Doors open 7:30pm. For more information or to book please contact .


500 Year Anniversary Of The Reformation

This year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther publishing his 95 theses in Wittenberg, Germany. This marked the beginning of the Reformation, a period of rediscovery of the biblical gospel, bringing light and life to millions, and on which we still stand today. Our 6:30pm service on the 22nd October, and 9:15am and 11am services on the 29th October, will focus on the Reformation. (The 4pm congregation had a similar service in May.) We will consider the history and the biblical truths rediscovered at the Reformation and their vital relevance today. Some of the children's groups will also look at the Reformation around this time.

For those who would like to explore the Reformation in more detail, a number of us will be attending an evening lecture organised by the South Central Gospel Partnership on Tuesday 31st October, 7:15-9:45pm, at Carey Baptist Church in Reading. See the separate flyer for more information. We also have a book, 'Freedom Movement, 500 Years of Reformation' by Michael Reeves, on sale at the back of the hall for just £1. This is an accessible, informative and heart-warming account of the history and the gospel truths of the Reformation. It's a brilliant book to read ourselves and also to give away to friends and family.

Project Connect update - 19th October 2017

Continued good progress over the last week both in the church and outside. The glass for the upper vestries has been installed, the chair cupboards at the back of church have been built, electrical works carried out and more of the light oak flooring laid. Externally, work to raise the level of the driveway to match the church floor level has continued. The monthly meeting between the builders, architect and ourselves to review progress was positive. The review of the progress to date and work programme to completion again showed that handover of the church should happen in the week starting 30th October. Some small items may need to be finished the following week, but the organ builder is planning to start the four weeks of work to install the organ on 7th November, with audio-visual work being planned at the same time.

Next, the plan to train staff and volunteers how to use the church is being finalised, as is the plan to return equipment and items from Oldfield, though no decision has been made on when the first services will be back in the church.

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